Avett Brothers

The Ultimate November Blue Playlist (2002-2016)

Attention Funeral Law Blog readers, this post has absolutely nothing to do with funeral and cemetery law. 

Fellow Avett Brothers fans, I think that the evolution of November Blue perfectly illustrates the evolution of this band from 2002 - 2016.  "Ultimate" is in no way "complete."  There are lots of videos out there.  I tried to pick representative samples from each year.  I couldn't find any videos from 2003-2005, so if you have links or audio files, or other suggestions for good versions, please comment.  Unbelievable thanks for all of those who recorded shows and posted them for us to enjoy, especially SundayRehab, Cincynorsefan, and DCRANGERFAN.

Studio version: Country Was (2002) (link to the official video)


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