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When I think of the purpose of a Funeral Home, I think of a business that aids one in the process of celebrating the life of a loved one and ultimately disposing of the remains in the desired way. But what if I told you that one Funeral Home is giving you one last chance to preserve the deceased's DNA? That is what one Funeral Home in Santa Barbra is aiming to do. For the low price of about three-hundred dollars, scientist will preserve the deceased's DNA indefinitely, opening up a number of doors for the field of genetics. 

Not only is this option of saving DNA significantly cheaper than the traditional cryogenic options, it is also super simple. All the scientist's at Lakehead University in Canada require the funeral home to  do is take a gentle cheek swab and send it off to the lab for processing and storage. This easy procedure can contribute to discovery of things such as genetic mutations, links to genetic diseases, and ultimately information that can help lead to prevention of these inherited illnesses. It may also lead to the discovery of paternity and assistance in mass-casualty disasters. Not only are they beneficial in this way, but the sample can be tested multiple times, making the idea of it even more appealing. 

Discovering the above things is not the only draw of the practice. Scientist's also say that the family of the deceased receives a beautiful glass vial of the DNA accompanied by a degree of authenticity, both incentives to participate in the practice. They can even have it made into jewelry if they so choose. So if preserving your loved one's DNA when they passover seems beneficial to you, keep an eye out for this expanding market. 

Alston Merritt



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