Who Controls the Dead? The Right to Make Funeral and Disposition Decisions
FCA Petition calls for Revision of Outdated FTC Funeral Rule

Powerpoint & Handouts from Funeral Consumers Alliance Presentation

I recently gave a presentation at the Funeral Consumers Alliance Biennial Conference in Atlanta.  Awesome conference! 

The lighting in the room was a little hazy and I ran out of handouts (I thought 40 would be enough!), so I promised that I would share the files here.  Even if you didn't attend the conference, you may find them interesting.

Download Marsh FCA Presentation Powerpoint

Download ABA PP v030n02 When Dirt and Death Collide

Download In the Matter of the Estate of Mary Florence Whalen

Tanya Marsh


Jack Najarian

Thanks for sharing!

John Henderson

This is a great post with some great info I like the idea of having power points much better

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